Political Economy

-Harvey, D. Limits to Capital, Ch. 8 “Fixed Capital”
-Locke, J. Second Treatise of Government, Ch. 5 “On Property” (pp. 115-126 in linked pdf)
-Marx, K. Capital Vol. 2, excerpts
-Marx, K. Grundrisse, excerpts
-Mangabeira-Unger, R., Politics:  The Central Texts, Ch. 12 “Economic Reorganization” and Ch. 13 “The System of Rights”
-Harvey, D. Rebel Cities, Ch. 4 “The Art of Rent”

Policy / Politics

-NYC Right to the City Alliance, “People Without Homes and Homes Without People:  A Count of Vacant Condos in Select NYC Neighborhoods
-Goodman, R. After the Planners, Ch. 2 and Ch. 3 “The Urban-Industrial Complex:  Part One and Part Two
-Salins, P. D. The Ecology of Housing Destruction, Ch. 2 “The Housing Market” and Ch. 6 “The Marginal Real Estate Market
-Angotti, T., New York for Sale, Ch. 2 “The Real Estate Capital of the World
-Weber, R. “Extracting Value from the City:  Neoliberalism and Urban Redevelopment


-Proudhon, P. J. What Is Property?, Ch. 1 “Method Pursued in this Work:  The Idea of a Revolution” and Ch. 4 “That Property is Impossible”
-Grossi, P., An Alternative to Private Property:  Collective Property in the Juridical Consciousness of the Nineteenth Century (excerpts:  Introduction and Ch. 3 “The Forms and Substance of a Debate”).
-Sprankling, J. G., Understanding Property Law, Ch. 1 “What Is “Property?”
-Rose, C. “The Comedy of the Commons:  Commerce Custom and Inherently Public Property

Directions and Logistics

-Goodman, R., After the Planners, Ch. 6 “The Scientific Method:  Salvation from Politics” and Ch. 7 “Toward Liberation
-Angotti, T., New York for Sale, Ch. 8 “Progressive Directions for Community Planners
-Lazar, S. El Alto, Rebel City:  Self and Citizenship in Andean Bolivia, Ch. 1 “El Alto the City” and Ch. 2 “Constructing the Zone”

Cultural Dimensions

-Ward, C., Cotters and Squatters:  Housing’s Hidden History, Ch. 12 “On the Far Side of Enclosure”Ch. 13 “Plotters and Squatters of the 20th Century” and Ch. 14 “The Land is Whose?”
-van Heeswijk, J. “The Artist Will Have to Decide Whom to Serve
-Gidwani, V., and A. Baviskar. 2011. “Urban Commons” Economic & Political Weekly 46:42-43.
-Hardt and Negri, Commonwealth, Part I “Republic and the Multitude of the Poor

Environmental Positions

-Bookchin, M., Social Ecology and Communalism, Ch. 1 “What is Social Ecology?
-Heynen, N. C., M. Kaika, and E. Swyngedouw. In the Nature of Cities:  Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism, Ch. 1 “Urban Political Ecology
-Ross, A., Bird on Fire:  Lessons from the World’s Least Sustainable City, Ch. 3 “The Battle for Downtown (Part One: Artists Step Up and Part Two: Who Can Afford the Green City?
-Hardin, G. “The Tragedy of the Commons

Spatial Transformation

-Lefebvre, H. “The Right to the City
-Hall, P., Cities in Civilization, Ch. 28 “The City of Capitalism Rampant”
-Harvey, D., Paris, Capital of Modernity, Ch. 4 “The Organization of Space Relations”, Ch. 5 “Money, Credit and Finance” and Ch. 6 “Rent and the Propertied Interest
-Cruz, T., “Rethinking Housing, Citizenship and Property
-Smith, N., Uneven Development:  Nature, Capital, and the Production of Space, Ch.3 “The Production of Space


-Castells, M., The Urban Question, Section 5 “The Urban Process
-Harvey, D., Rebel Cities, Ch. 3 “The Creation of the Urban Commons” and Ch. 5 “Reclaiming the City for Anti-Capitalist Struggle
-Robles-Duran, M., “Unitary Urbanism:  A Citizens’ Occupation



7 thoughts on “Readings

  1. Hi Sara! For Rebel Cities by S. Lazar, the link is only the book review. Should we go ahead and try to find these elsewhere?

    Posted by tucka961 | October 1, 2012, 6:34 pm
  2. Yes Sabrina, the readings will be posted over the long weekend.

    Posted by miguelroblesduran | September 14, 2012, 2:15 pm
  3. Where can I find Salins, P. D., The Ecology of Housing Destruction, Ch. 2 “The Housing Market” and Ch. 6 “The Marginal Real Estate Market”? Will links be posted up for the readings each week?

    Posted by sabrinadorsainvil | September 14, 2012, 2:32 am

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