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  1. FYI!

    During this weeks meeting (Monday 10/8) we covered two topics, GIS mapping and the
    group exhibition scheduled for October 25-November 3, 2012. Jonathan has set up the google docs with the information about the exhibit. As far as the GIS mapping we agreed that each group should identify what they want to be represented on the collective map. We should get this information out asap as the GIS workshop this Thursday may help our mapping group generate ideas. After this initial step of deciding what we want to be on the map our lovely GIS team can devise a plan of action. So please gather that information amongst your groups and we can get a thread going on the blog! Have a Great Night!


    Posted by sabrinadors | October 10, 2012, 12:27 am
  2. Hey teams,

    I have a project proposal for all of us. It seems that we are all starting to focus our research in such a way as to generate types of ‘products’ (if you will) that would create a really interesting ecology of Sunset Park.

    I know one group is doing some extensive research on the power players in development and at the local govt level; Another is creating a resources map.

    I’m proposing that the rest of us generate a couple of items as well: A network map, a power analysis, and a neighborhood map in conjunction with La Union.

    A network map (like a resource map) will lay out all the other non-profits, church’s, business’s, etc friendly to La Union. This will help them strategically as they continue into the future.

    A power analysis (which is always subject to change) would be done in conjunction with La Union. It would serve two purposes: 1) Giving them a clear analysis on who makes decisions at the political level, what those actors can actually accomplish as far as change in the community, and builds strategy around who is sympathetic to their cause; 2) This is a great strategy they can use in the future as they navigate the political arena of NY city.

    Finally, we would like to involve La Union in a game where they tell us about their community. We would provide a map and some stickers, stamps, markers; and we would generate some questions (as well as leave space for La Union to create their own). Then you go around ask the questions, as they are answered La Union members mark the map. This generates a map, by the community, that tells us a wealth of information about how they see and experience their neighborhood. This would serve as another source of strategy for La Union into the future.

    I’d like to propose we discuss potential interest in these projects Monday after class in our general assembly. Plan on being their if you are interested!



    Posted by tucka961 | October 7, 2012, 10:08 am
    • Great use of Methods, This sounds like something we should do as a group for sure, maybe if not not at our presentation with La Union. The network map seems like a great idea to have even if just for the residents of Sunset Park, We should definitely discuss these possibilities as a group!

      Posted by sabrinadors | October 7, 2012, 11:27 pm


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