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Mayor Bloomberg, NYCEDC, and Congress Members Velazquez and Nadler Break Ground on Renovation of Federal Building in Sunset Park

http://www.nycedc.com/press-release/mayor-bloomberg-nycedc-and-congress-members-velazquez-and-nadler-break-ground   Advertisements

La Unión: Self-Diagnosis

The English translation of La Unión’s Self-Diagnosis is found here – which as you may recall – was originally provided to us earlier this week by Angel Lara.  Translation compliments of Cristina Handal Gonzalez – thank you Cristina!

Sunset Park Files

#1  Sunset Park files here, based on research by Quilian Riano. #2  La Unión Self-Diagnosis, received by Angel Lara. This initial self-diagnosis is in Spanish.  For the Spanish speakers in the studio, your translation for your student colleagues would be of much value!


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