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Mayor Bloomberg, NYCEDC, and Congress Members Velazquez and Nadler Break Ground on Renovation of Federal Building in Sunset Park

http://www.nycedc.com/press-release/mayor-bloomberg-nycedc-and-congress-members-velazquez-and-nadler-break-ground   Advertisements

BIG EVENT TOMORROW! The Right to Housing with UN Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik

BIG EVENT TOMORROW!  The Right to Housing with UN Rapporteur Raquel RolnikFriday, October 26, 1-3pm CUNY Graduate Center Elebash Recital Hall UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing Raquel Rolnik will present her report on the Financialization of Housing, which will be formally submitted to the United Nations on Monday. The program will … Continue reading

Open Source Mapping

Many open source mapping tools are already in circulation as you create your common map of Sunset Park. However, the following is a collection of resources acquired through OpenStreetMap (OSM) from Alex Barth at MapBox and Liz Barry at Public Laboratory. Whether you were able to attend any recent mapping workshops or not – or … Continue reading

La Unión: Self-Diagnosis

The English translation of La Unión’s Self-Diagnosis is found here – which as you may recall – was originally provided to us earlier this week by Angel Lara.  Translation compliments of Cristina Handal Gonzalez – thank you Cristina!

596 Acres Workshop and Site Visit 10/10

This is a reminder regarding tomorrow’s workshop and site visit with Paula Segal from 596 Acres. These details were originally communicated to the studio via Drew Tucker – thanks Drew! – so the below just serves as a follow-up reminder. 1. Paula said it would be great if everyone could email her and the rest … Continue reading

Sunset Park Files

#1  Sunset Park files here, based on research by Quilian Riano. #2  La Unión Self-Diagnosis, received by Angel Lara. This initial self-diagnosis is in Spanish.  For the Spanish speakers in the studio, your translation for your student colleagues would be of much value!

A Few Blog Updates

Following recent Design & Urban Ecology program meetings – we have a few updates to the blog!  Feel free to check out the changes – they are in place, and at this point – it may be a work in progress to see how the new additions function for the studio, as well as enhance … Continue reading

Guidelines For Working in the City

Updated guidelines for working in the city are provided by Parsons School of Design Strategies, which can be accessed here (encrypted).

Next QGIS Workshop

Following today’s QGIS workshop with Liz Barry, we will continue moving towards a collaborative geographic map for the project. Today’s progress (notes forthcoming) will continue with Liz next Thursday 11 October from 1.30 – 3.30p in Room 1200. Hope to see you there!

New York City GIS Data – OASIS

Tonight’s property law workshop with Paula was quite informative – next Wednesday we’re planning on meeting again in the 12th floor at 1pm and heading out to East New York to visit an MTA lot that a local group is interested in using. Among the wealth of knowledge, one particular gem we can all get … Continue reading


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