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Urban Forensics

Moving Studios & Parsons Resource Map

#1  Thank you to all who helped consolidate studio supplies in preparation for the move to 66 Fifth Avenue!

The official move will be arranged through the DUE Graduate Program and SDS sometime in January.  So have a wonderful break, and anything regarding the move of physical objects to the new studio space will be taken care of after the holidays.

#2  Cristina designed an excellent Resource Map for Parsons, which you can download as a PDF here:  Parsons Resources – or access under the Urban@Parsons site, under “University Resources.”

We will work within the DUE program and with SDS to generate a full base map of resources in terms of people, faculty, etc. before the start of next semester (per discussion during the final studio this past week).

#3  In the meantime – and as the last item – please remember to send any studio or fieldwork photographs to Bonnie!

Safe travels and happy holidays,

Urban Forensics #1 Studio



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