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Final Studio with La Union


Moving Studios & Parsons Resource Map

#1  Thank you to all who helped consolidate studio supplies in preparation for the move to 66 Fifth Avenue! The official move will be arranged through the DUE Graduate Program and SDS sometime in January.  So have a wonderful break, and anything regarding the move of physical objects to the new studio space will be … Continue reading

Final Report Submission Deadline

Confirmation of Final Report Submission Deadline: Wednesday 23 January @ 11.59p to SendSpace. In the meantime, let us know of any questions or concerns on submission and publishing. Wonderful work this semester and safe travels over the break!

Specs for Final Report Publishing

As update on requirements for final report printing, the following are specs particular to Create Space, which is where will we publish: Important: When your PDF is ready, please ensure the Cover Page is 40MB or less, and your entire Interior Pages are 400MB or less. These are the maximum files sizes. When you upload … Continue reading

Final Studio & Final Reports

Final Studio: Monday 17/12 Monday’s studio will begin 10a at 66 Fifth Avenue, Room 603. Monday will be a debriefing of the semester, the studio, final presentations with La Unión, and what’s ahead. Please be prepared to share a digital PDF version of your final report during Monday’s studio with Miguel and Alessandro. The final … Continue reading

Photos for Urban@Parsons Site

Hey everyone, Since the semester is coming to a close and a lot of you will be leaving soon, will you all be able to send me all of the photos that you have from the semester that captures events that you have been to, disaster relief efforts, volunteer work, studio process and work, general … Continue reading

Printing of Final Studio Reports

The following includes a few requirements regarding the printing of final studio presentations: 1. InDesign is ok 2. Pages should be normal letter size 8.5 x 11in 3. Printing will be double sided 4. Do prepare for black/white, in case full color printing is not an option 5. Final reports will bound 6. Save final … Continue reading

Urban Uprising! Re-imagining the City

Final Presentations 12/12 & Final Reports 12/19

A few notes on final presentations and final reports. Wednesday 12/12 Presentation @ St. Jacobi with La Unión at 12.30p To find any materials you may need at St. Jacobi (5406 4th Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn 11220) – ie. projectors, screens), please visit the 4th Floor at 2 West 13th Street – the ARC Academic … Continue reading

Monday Studio & Final Presentations with La Unión on Wednesday 12/12

Monday’s studio will be held at 6 East 16th Street, 12th Floor – so let us meet there at 9a on 10/12. Final presentations with La Unión are confirmed for this Wednesday 12/12 @ 12.30p. Regarding the availability of presentation materials, please make arrangements for materials based on each team’s presentation needs, and your familiarity … Continue reading


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