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Updates on Urban Uprising! Logistics

Facilitators: There is a final catch-all facilitator training tomorrow for anyone who missed the previous training sessions – or anyone who wishes to receive more training. Desiree, Aubrey, Joel and Themis, feel free to attend if you are interested and able. Date: Thursday 11/29 Time: 7-9p Location: 79 Fifth Avenue, Room 1618 Signage: Bonnie and … Continue reading

This Week: Team Meetings with Miguel and Alessandro

Excellent studio presentations today! Moving forward this week, each team needs to select a 1 hour time slot where you will be able to meet with Miguel and Alessandro (depending on Alessandro’s schedule) to discuss the final stages of your work. Please respond to this post to indicate which 1 hour time slot you prefer … Continue reading

11/26 Schedule and Guests (Leticia Alanis, David Harvey, Frank Morales, Gabriela Rendón, Angel Lara, Vicente Rubio)

Dear All, I hope your holiday was productive. Tomorrow we have a very important presentation and we will have great guests to help us shape this last phase, please do your best to communicate your accumulated knowledge and the structured arguments for transferring it. Each of you will have 10 minutes and this time we … Continue reading

Studio Format for Monday 11/26

The following are guidelines regarding next Monday’s studio presentations: Presentation Format:  Prezi is not an obligation.  Key is to think of other ways to explain relational dynamics through your presentations. Time:  Each team will have 10 minutes to present.  It will be important to cover all work produced since Day 1 Studio. Have a great … Continue reading

Winter Workshop Poll

Hello everyone! Recently, you should have received an email from Jesseka Metts regarding the Winter Workshops. Please respond ASAP as to what you would be interested in, if at all. Quick and simple! If you don’t have the email, you can access it via the following link and read the description below. Thanks! [Side note: … Continue reading

Urban Uprising Update

Thanks again to all who have volunteered for the Urban Uprising event! As a reminder, the UU Facilitator Training is tonight. Please advise security at 2 West 13th Street that people off campus will be attending a meeting in Room 1201, and please have one facilitator from the studio remain at the entrance to meet … Continue reading

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Studio Schedule 11/19

Studio structure for 11/19 as follows: @66 Fifth Avenue 9 – 9.30a: Miguel, Workshop Instructions 9.30a – Noon: Workshop Noon – 12.30p: Break for Lunch @ 6 East 16th Street 12.30 – 2.40p: Recap Recent La Union Workshops, Fundraising Workshop Discuss What’s Ahead Urban Uprising Planning

Need Urban Uprising Volunteers for Day-of Logistics

We are looking for volunteers for the two remaining spots on 1 December Urban Uprising. Please confirm these remaining spots tonight! Day-of Logistics: We also need Volunteers to help on the day of the event. 1. Registration (1-2 people) 2. Volunteers to facilitate guests, movements at event (2-3 people – or really anyone interested in … Continue reading

Urban Uprising: Updates and Planning

Thanks again to all volunteers for the Urban Uprising event! Confirmation of roles as follows, plus additional roles to fill – so please confirm any questions and missing blanks by today. 4 Facilitators for Event: 1. Desiree (Confirmed Attendance @ Monday 11/19 Facilitator Training) 2. Themis (Confirmed Attendance @ Monday 11/19 Facilitator Training) 3. Joel … Continue reading


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